SERP Creation Steps

Down load last months SERP report to C:Drive.

"Save as" current month file.

Note - Any blank date data fill in with 99

Select the most recent column of data, then right clicked, then shift cells right.

Add the current date to top of the new column.

Right click to the right of the line chart, but still within the line chart area. It should select the entire chart. Click "Select Data", "Chart Data Range" click the up arrow, and then select all the data from the blank at the top of the keywords through the bottom of the last column of data. Then click the down arrow again next to chart data range. Click OK.

Save your spreadsheet.

Open Agency Analytics Website and log in.

We only have room for 5 campaigns so delete to get room for a new one.

Top right click "Create Campaign"

Type in the name of the SERP company

Copy the URL from the current SERP report.

Click Next, Click Save Campaign.

Top left of page click on magnifying glass, then click on SEO, then click on rankings.

Click Add Keywords

Remove the keywords that were in there.

Copy the keywords from the Excel Spreadsheet and paste into Agency Analytics

Below the keywords field is a field for location. Put in the appropriate location designator.

Click the save button.

Adjust a couple settings in Agency Analytics.

Top right click the equalizer button and then bottom right click edit the settings. Change Google Local 3 pack to "disabled" . Click save. Click equalizer.

Your rankings at this point take 5 minutes to 8 hours to populate.

Put the ranking numbers in the latest column in Excel

Then do the formulas for column "A" and column "B" for Recent and Entire.

Save Spreadsheet.

Open Basecamp.

Find ToDo for the monthly SERP report you were working on.

Click the link for the ToDo for that Month's SERP report, not the top level t do link.

Add a comment "Done", Upload the SERP report, change the notify to Jayana. Click the Add comment button. Click the check box to the left of the that month SERP report.

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